M-Institute (ANZ)

M-Institute (ANZ)


Assisting medium-sized businesses (MSBs) overcome their barriers.

Typically $2m to $100m in revenue.


M-Institute ANZ is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses exclusively on assisting Medium Sized Businesses (MSB’s).


Research undertaken by the M-Institute in the UK and across Europe shows MSB’s growing at 16% p.a. while the overall growth rate is just 1.5%. Similar disparities apply in Australia and New Zealand.

MSBs are largely forgotten – lumped in the SME label when they are more like large businesses in nearly every respect; except they have far more limited resources. Regulatory support is also low, as is access to affordable advice.

MSBs face barriers like growth beyond a certain size, lack of reliable processes, governance, talent retention, succession, finance and technology. Many are family businesses who focus on the welfare of their staff, customers, suppliers and local communities before profits.

The M-Institute is dedicated to assisting MSB’s overcome these barriers through research, education and access to a trusted and pre-screened resource community.


Australian and New Zealand MSB's punch well above their weight:

MSB's Chart.png

MSBs Six most significant barriers