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The majority of owners do not know who to trust for advice and assistance.

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Research by the M-Institute, which is supported by wider anecdotal evidence, shows that over half of medium sized businesses do not know who they can turn to for objective, independent advice. 

One of the accelerators of successful MSB's is reliance on assistance from third parties at various times and across a wide range of areas. The six areas below are typically where SMBs will require support and assistance at some point in time to achieve their over-riding objectives of generating cash today and wealth tomorrow. 

Assistance is usually required at various stages of the growth cycle, on a project by project basis until the MSB can up-skill internally or can afford to bring on their own resources.

To quote The Breakthrough Company by Keith R. McFarland, third party providers are like scaffolding. They help to support the growth of the business, like scaffolding does when constructing a building. Once the business achieves its objectives the scaffolding (or assistance) is no longer required. 

The first issue that all business owners need to overcome when obtaining third party assistance is the issue of 'trust'. 

The M-Institute has been purposefully established to provide that first touch point for business owners seeking support from third party providers. It is a not-for-profit organisation that has screened a wider range of individuals and organisations. Those that are endorsed by the M-Institute operate under a strict code of conduct.


The M-Institute representatives will not pitch to you. They will have a complementary discussion to see where you can obtain assistance, and a complimentary meeting if that is required, with the sole purpose of helping you to find the most appropriate pathway moving forward.

That could be self-help programs, educational workshops, direct assistance, subsidised support programs, referrals to other organisations or a recommendation of where and to whom you should go.

If you would like someone from the M-Institute to contact you on a strictly confidential basis fill in the form below.

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