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Time to Think

Business owners find time to be their most precious resource.

Time to Think

Business owners find time to be their most precious resource and nothing can give a business owner more than 24 hours in a day!

How time is utilised, how business owners organise their affairs and interact with others have an enormous impact.

It is not until business owners are in a state of control, working within their limitations that they have genuine time to think, to prioritise activities that add balance to their lives and enjoy the benefits of owning and operating their own businesses. 

Hiring a "General Manager" is deemed to be a common solution, particularly when the business owner is relatively hands on, has no apparent successor and is wanting to get on with other things in their lives. While a logical thought process, such appointments have their risks. 

Having systematic and consistent reporting of all key drivers of the business is often the first stage of freeing time, followed by the delegation of varying tasks and routine decision making. 



Bringing in an outsider into a quasi business owner role is similar to abdicating ones responsibility for the day-to-day affairs of the business, if; reporting, delegation and decision making mechanisms are not formally in place.

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